Choosing Source Documents

You can use one or more source documents to build a stylesheet in the Stylus Studio XSLT mapper. You might want to select more than one document if you need their elements or attributes to fully describe the target structure or the desired XSLT result content, or if you want to aggregate multiple sources in a single document, for example.

If you choose an XSD or DTD document, you must also choose an XML instance document to associate with it. Stylus Studio uses the instance document associated with an XSD or DTD source document to generate the XPath document() function in the finished XSLT. As a result, it is this document that is used to preview XSLT results.



If you want to examine the contents of the XML document specified as the source file in the scenario, click Open XML From Scenario , which is at the top of the XML mapper window. Stylus Studio displays the source document in the XML editor.

For more information

See Source Documents and XML Instances to learn more about how Stylus Studio treats source documents. See Creating an XSLT Scenario to learn more about XSLT scenarios.

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