Steps for Mapping XML to XML

To create an XSLT stylesheet using the XSLT mapper:
1. From the Stylus Studio menu bar, select File > New > XSLT: Mapper.

Stylus Studio displays the XSLT editor with the Mapper tab selected.

2. Select one or more source documents and a target document.
3. In both the source and the target panes, click the root element and then press the asterisk key ( *) in the numeric key pad to expand the schema tree.
4. Map nodes in the source documents to nodes in the target document, define XSLT instructions and functions, and create named and matched templates using the mapper's graphical tools.


Consider working through the source document in document order as you map source and target elements.

5. Check the XSLT Source view from time to time. This allows you to confirm that the stylesheet is doing what you expect it to do (and it is also a good way to teach yourself XSLT). Changes you make directly to the source are reflected on the Mapper tab, and vice versa.

Each of these steps is described in greater detail in the following sections.

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