Imports a stylesheet into the stylesheet containing this instruction.


<xsl:import href="stylesheet_path">


stylesheet_path specifies the stylesheet you want to import. Specify a URL, a relative path, or a DOS-style path.


An XSLT stylesheet can import another XSLT stylesheet by using an xsl:import instruction. Importing a stylesheet is the same as including it, except that definitions and template rules in the importing stylesheet take precedence over template rules and definitions in the imported stylesheet.

The xsl:import element is only allowed as a top-level element. The xsl:import element children must precede all other element children of an xsl:stylesheet element, including any xsl:include element children. When xsl:include is used to include a stylesheet, any xsl:import elements in the included document are moved up in the including document to after any existing xsl:import elements in the including document.

When you use the xsl:import instruction, templates have an importance property.

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