Using Apache FOP to Generate NonPDF Output

The Apache FOP included with Stylus Studio is configured to output PDF.

To use this FOP to generate some other type of output:
1. Open the stylesheet whose results you want to postprocess with the Apache FOP.
2. Create or open a scenario in which to do the post-processing. See Creating a Scenario. Stylus Studio displays the Scenario Properties dialog box.
3. In the Scenario Properties dialog box, click the Post-process tab.
4. Select Custom post-process.
5. In the Command line field, enter something like the following:
java -cp "C:\Program Files\StylusStudio\bin\Plugins\Fop\fop.jar" 
org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -fo %1 -svg %2


Modify this sample command line according to where Stylus Studio is installed and what kind of output you want the FOP to generate. The last option, -svg in the example, can be any of the following:

MIF file
PCL file
Text file
SVG slides file
XML (representation of an area tree)
PDF file
Table 34. FOP Output Options

6. In the Generated file extension field, specify the extension that indicates the type of output you want. For example, specify .txt if you want the FOP to generate a text file.
7. If there is additional path information that the FOP will require to execute successfully, type it in the Additional path field.
8. Click OK.
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