Deploying Stylesheets That Generate FO

When your stylesheet is complete, the process for creating a final document, such as a PDF document, from an XML document is as follows:

1. Apply a stylesheet to an XML document. This results in an XML document that contains XSL FO.
2. Run a FOP, such as Apache's FOP, and use the generated XML as input.


You can accomplish both steps with a single invocation of FOP on the command line. For example:

java -cp "C:\Program 
Files\StylusStudio\bin\xalan.jar" org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -xml 
..\VideoCenter\videos.xml -xsl catalog.xsl -pdf multimediacatalog.pdf


Replace C:\Program Files\StylusStudio with the name of the directory in which Stylus Studio is installed.

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