Validating Result Documents

You can optionally validate the XML document that results from XSLT processing. You can validate using the

  • Stylus Studio built-in processor (Xerces C++). If you use the Stylus Studio built-in processor, you can optionally specify one or more XML Schemas against which you want the result document to be validated.
  • Any of the customizable processors supported by Stylus Studio, such as the .NET XML Parser, Xerces-J, and XSV.

All validation is done before any post-processing that you might have specified.

To validate XSLT scenario result documents:
1. Open the stylesheet whose results you want to validate.
2. In the XSLT Editor ( XSLT Source or Mapper tabs), in the scenario name field, click the down arrow and click the name of the scenario for which you want to perform validation.
3. Click Browse to open the Scenario Properties dialog box.
4. Click the Validation tab.

Figure 223. Validation Tab for XSLT Scenarios

5. Click Validate stylesheet result.
6. If you are using Stylus Studio's built-in validation engine, optionally, specify the XML Schemas against which you want to validate the XML result document. Otherwise, go to step 7
a. Click the Open file button ( ).

The Open dialog box appears.

b. Select the XML Schema you want to use for validation.
c. Click the Open button to add the XML Schema to the Validation tab.
d. Optionally, add other XML Schemas.
e. Go to step 8.
7. Click the Use custom validator button, and select the validation engine you want to use from the drop-down list box.
8. Click OK.
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