Using Third-Party XSLT Processors

In addition to a built-in XSLT processor, Stylus Studio includes several third-party XSLT processors, including Saxon (8 and 6), Xalan-J, MSXML, and .NET. Note, however, that only the following XSLT processors support Stylus Studio stylesheet debugging and back-mapping functionality:

  • Stylus Studio's built-in XSLT processor
  • Saxon 8 and 6
  • XalanJ
  • Microsoft .NET (XslTransform and XslCompiledTransform)

Back-mapping and debugging are not supported by other XSLT processors, including others bundled with Stylus Studio (MSXML 4.0, for example).



You can use only the built-in XML parser with Stylus Studio.

This section covers the following topics:

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