Viewing Templates

Stylus Studio provides different ways to display lists of templates, specific templates, as well as ways to see if a given template generates any output.

Viewing a List of Templates

To view a list of the templates in the stylesheet
1. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the XSLT editing pane.

Figure 220. Choosing Available XSLT Templates

Stylus Studio displays a drop-down list of the first five match patterns in the stylesheet. To limit the displayed list, type in the combo box to the left of the down arrow. Stylus Studio displays only those patterns that match the character(s) you typed.



A particular template might or might not have a match pattern (template rule). Named templates do not necessarily specify match patterns.

2. Click the match pattern for the template you want to view. It does not matter whether the XSLT editor is in Full Source mode or Template mode.

Viewing a Specific Template

To view a particular template, double-click its matching element in the XML tree view, which is displayed to the right of the editing pane. If the element has more than one template, Stylus Studio displays a list of the templates. Click the one you want.

Checking if a Template Generates Output

To see if a particular template generates any output:
1. Select a template in the XSLT templates pane.
2. Click Refresh to apply the stylesheet.
3. In the XSLT Preview window, with output text displayed, scroll as necessary to find text highlighted in gray. Text with a gray background was generated by the selected template.
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