Displaying a Repeating Element in the HTML Editor

In the source tree diagram, repeating elements are identified by .

There are several ways to define a repeating element in the HTML canvas:

  • Drag a repeating element from the XML source tree and drop it onto the HTML canvas. In the pop-up menu that appears, click xsl:for-each.
  • Click Insert Table , drag and drop a repeating element onto a table cell, and click Make Repeating in the pop-up menu.

When you define a repeating element, Stylus Studio displays a marker ( ) to the left of the element. When you click this marker, Stylus Studio displays the properties of the elements that are displayed by the xsl:for-each instruction.

When you select Add Table from the pop-up menu, Stylus Studio always creates a tables with two columns. You can, of course, delete one of the columns if you do not need it.

When you drag a repeating element onto a placeholder that is already a repeating element, Stylus Studio displays a pop-up menu that includes the Reset repeating XPath option. Select this option if you want to reset the context for the repeating element. The new context is the element that you dragged in.

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