Creating a Stylesheet from HTML

You can create an XSLT stylesheet from an HTML file using the HTML to XSLT document wizard.



Stylus Studio also has a document wizard that converts HTML to XML. See Creating XML from HTML.

To run the HTML to XSLT document wizard:
1. Select File > Document Wizards from the menu.

The Document Wizards dialog box appears.

2. Click the XSLT Editor tab.
3. Double-click HTML to XSLT (or select the HTML to XSLT icon and click OK).

The HTML to XML dialog box appears.

Figure 210. HTML to XML Dialog Box

4. Enter the name of the HTML file you want to convert to XSLT in the Choose HTML File to Convert to XSLT field.
5. Click OK.

Stylus Studio opens the converted HTML file as an untitled XSLT document in the XSLT Editor.

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