Creating Stylesheets

To create a stylesheet:
1. From the Stylus Studio menu bar, select File > New > XSLT Stylesheet.

Stylus Studio displays the Scenario Properties dialog box.

2. In the Scenario Name: field, type a name for the association between the new stylesheet and a particular XML source document. You might want to use the convention of specifying the name you want your result document to have. The result document is the document that will contain the result of applying the stylesheet you are about to create.
3. In the Source XML URL: field, type the name of an XML document or click Browse to navigate to a document. Select a document you want to apply the new stylesheet to. You are not limited to applying the new stylesheet to only this XML document. You can create other scenarios later and specify other XML documents to which you want to apply the same stylesheet.
4. Click OK. Stylus Studio displays an untitled stylesheet window. The default text in the new stylesheet appears in the left pane. The schema for the XML source document you specified in the scenario properties appears in the right pane.
5. To give the stylesheet a name, select File > Save.
6. Navigate to where you want to save the stylesheet.
7. In the URL: field, type the new stylesheet's name.
8. Click Save.
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