Adds a text node to the result tree.


<xsl:text [disable-output-escaping="yes|no"]>



The XSLT processor reports an error if instantiating text_node_contents results in anything other than characters.

You can also add text nodes to result documents by embedding the text in elements that you define.

You can specify the disable-output-escaping attribute of the xsl:text instruction. The allowed values are yes or no. The default is no. If the value is yes, the text node generated by instantiating the xsl:text element is output without any escaping. For example:

<xsl:text disable-output-escaping="yes">&lt;</xsl:text>


This instruction generates the single character <.


The following fragment adds two text nodes by embedding text.

<xsl:template match = "/">
    <head><title>Authors and Their Books</title></head>
      <intro>Books in stock are listed here.</intro> 


The next example specifies the xsl:text instruction:

<xsl:text>Following is a list of authors.</xsl:text>


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