Setting Default Options for Processors

You can set default values for all XQuery processors on the Processor Settings page of the Options dialog box. In addition, you can select a processor other than the built-in processor as the default XQuery processor.

You can always override the default processor and default processor settings at the scenario level.

To set defaults for XQuery processors:
1. From the Stylus Studio menu, select Tools > Options.

Stylus Studio displays the Options dialog box.

2. Select Module Settings > XQuery > Processor Settings.

Figure 344. Options for XQuery Processors

3. Select the processor for which you want to specify default settings from the Processor drop-down list.
4. If required, complete processor-specific settings. (Click the Settings button.)
5. If you want to use this processor as the default processor for all XQuery scenarios, click the Use as default processor check box.
6. Click OK.
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