Using Breakpoints

The Stylus Studio debugger allows you to interrupt XQuery processing to gather information about variables and XQuery expression execution at particular points.

Inserting Breakpoints

To insert a breakpoint:
1. In the XQuery document in which you want to set a breakpoint, place your cursor where you want the breakpoint to be.
2. Click Toggle Breakpoint or press F9. Stylus Studio inserts a blank stop sign to the left of the line with the breakpoint.

Removing Breakpoints

To remove a breakpoint:
1. Click in the line that has the breakpoint.
2. Press F9 or click Toggle Breakpoint.

Alternative: In the Stylus Studio tool bar, click Breakpoints to display a list of breakpoints in all open files. You can selectively remove one or more, remove them all, or jump to one of them.

Start Debugging

When your XQuery has one or more breakpoints set, start processing by clicking Start Debugging or pressing F5. When Stylus Studio reaches the first breakpoint, it suspends processing and activates the debugging tools. After you examine the information associated with that breakpoint (see Viewing Processing Information) you can choose to

  • Step into - click or press F11.
  • Step over - click or press F10.
  • Step out - click or press Shift+F11.
  • Run to cursor - click .
  • Continue processing - press F5.
  • Stop processing - click Stop Debugging in the Stylus Studio tool bar, or click Cancel in the lower right corner of the XQuery editor, or press Shift+F5.



You can also click Pause to suspend XQuery processing. Stylus Studio flags the line it was processing when you clicked Pause.

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