Working with Query Results

Query results are shown in the XPath Query Editor in the results pane as a number of hits and include the type of XML tag and value of each hit, as shown here.

Figure 297. XPath Result Pane

When you click on a result node, Stylus Studio's back-mapping feature highlights the line in the XML document that supplied the value for the result node you selected.

Opening Query Results as a New Document

After you have executed a query, you can optionally choose to display the query result in a new XML document. If the result contains only elements, Stylus Studio creates a root element (named < xqr:xpath-query-result>) to ensure that the document is well-formed.

To open a query result as an XML document:

Execute the query, and then

  • Click the Open result in a new XML document button on the XPath Query Editor tool bar ( ).


  • Right-click the query pane in the XPath Query Editor and select Open result in a new XML document from the shortcut menu.
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