Displaying the XPath Query Editor

The XPath Query Editor is not displayed by default. In addition, it is closed when you exit the XML document with which it is associated.

To display the XPath Query Editor:
  • Click the Show XPath Query Editor button on the XML Editor tool bar ( ).

The XPath Query Editor appears. Any previously created queries are displayed on individual tabs. If no queries have been created, a new tab, labeled Query1, is displayed.


  • Select View > XPath Query Editor from the Stylus Studio menu.

Customizing Syntax Coloring

The XPath Query Editor uses Stylus Studio's syntax coloring, and you can change the default settings for several XPath Query Editor properties on the Editor Format page of the Options dialog box. These settings affect tokens in XPath expressions, such as errors, strings, keywords, operators, and attributes.

To change syntax coloring in the XPath Query Editor:
1. Click Tools > Options > General > Editor Format to display the Editor Format page of the Options dialog box.

The Options dialog box appears.

2. Scroll the Colors list; fields related to the XPath Query Editor are prefixed with XPath.
3. Use the palette to change the color of the tokens as desired.
4. Click OK.
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