Understanding Parameters

Stylus Studio displays the datatype for SOAP request parameters. It is not possible to determine all of the details for parameters, however. A zipCode parameter might take the following:

      12309, 02134, 90210


Or it might take only a single value. Sometimes this type of information is provided in the WSDL itself. In some cases, however, you might have to contact the Web service provider to obtain this information.

Displaying a WSDL Document

You can easily display a WSDL document within Stylus Studio once you have specified the WSDL URL. You might want to look at a WSDL document to learn more about the structure of the SOAP request, or to see if the Web service provider commented the XML to include information for developers using their Web service.

How to display a WSDL document
To display a WSDL document, click the Open WSDL Document button ( ) near the top of the Web services editor.

Stylus Studio displays the WSDL document in its own XML editor, as shown in Figure 361:

Figure 361. WSDL document editor

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