About the Generated Code

This section describes details about the Java code generated from a Web service call.

The Package Name

Stylus Studio bases the package name on the target namespace of the WSDL. For example, if we use a WSDL from www.swanandmokashi.com, the resulting Java package name is com.shawandmokashi. As described in the following sections, target directory and project folder names are also based on the WSDL's target namespace.

Target Directory

By default, when you generate a Java Web service client, Stylus Studio creates a \java folder in your system's \temp directory ( c:\temp\java, for example). Subfolders based on the package name are created beneath the \java folder, and the Java classes are written there. For example, c:\temp\java\com\swanandmokashi\*.java.

You can specify whatever target directory you like, but the subfolders based on the package name cannot be specified when you generate the Java code.

Project Folders

By default, Stylus Studio adds the Java classes based on the Web service call to the current project, using the name of the target directory you specify; subfolders are based on the package name ( \java\com\swanandmokashi, for example).


Stylus Studio generates a separate Java class for each function described in the WSDL of the current Web service call. Using the StockQuotes Web service from www.swanandmokashi.com, for example, results in the generation of the following Java classes:

  • GetQuotes.java
  • GetQuotesResponse.java
  • Quote.java
  • StockQuotes.java
  • StockQuotesLocator.java
  • StockQuotesSoap.java
  • StockQuotesSoapStub.java
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