What Happens When You Test a Web Service

When you test a Web service, Stylus Studio submits the SOAP request to the WSDL URL specified in the Web service call. The result, when it is returned, is displayed in the Preview window of the Web Service Call Composer.

By default, Stylus Studio uses the HTTP transport protocol to submit the SOAP request to the WSDL server. Stylus Studio uses the proxy server specified on the local machine if one has been configured.

Other Options for Testing a Web Service

In addition to testing a Web service as described in this section, you can also create a Web service call scenario. Web service call scenarios allow you to

  • Use transport protocols besides HTTP
  • Specify overrides to the WSDL (changing the SOAP action, for example)
  • Change default settings (such as the time out value for executing SOAP requests)

See Creating a Web Service Call Scenario to learn more about Web service call scenarios.

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