Stylus Studio Modules That Require Java

The following modules in Stylus Studio require that Java runtime and/or Java compiler components are installed on the machine on which you have installed Stylus Studio:

  • Saxon XSLT and XQuery engines
  • Mark Logic XQuery engine
  • Xalan-J XSLT engine
  • Xerces-J Validator
  • FOP
  • Custom File Systems
  • Web Service Call Composer Axis client
  • Adapters accessed via URL
  • Sense:X in the Java editor
  • CSV to XML document wizard
  • Fixed to XML document wizard

Rather than trying to determine in advance which Stylus Studio modules you might use in your XML application development, consider installing the JDK or JRE on your machine.

Settings for Java Debugging

See Debugging Java Files for more information on this topic.

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