Changing the Recursion Level or Allocated Stack Size

If you are getting errors or crashes when you use the internal Stylus Studio XSLT processor, there are two options you can change to fix this.

  • The Maximum recursion level is the number of levels Stylus Studio allows you to recurse on a template invocation.
  • The Allocated stack size is the amount of memory allocated to the XSLT processing thread stack.
To change the recursion level or the allocated stack size:
1. From the Stylus Studio menu bar, select Tools > Options.

The Options dialog box appears.

2. Click Module Settings > XSLT Editor > XSLT Settings.

The XSLT Settings page of the Options dialog box appears.

3. Adjust the Maximum recursion level and the Allocated stack size as needed. For information about how Stylus Studio uses these settings see Options - Module Settings - XSLT Editor - XSLT Settings.
4. Click OK.

See also Managing Stylus Studio Performance.

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