Executing an XQuery from the Command Line


XQuery support is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite.

You use the StylusXql utility to execute an XQuery from the command line. The format for invoking the utility is as follows:

StylusXql [-in <source>] [-out< output file>] [-param name+value] [-i] [-debug host[:port]] <XQuery file>

Table 10 describes the parameters for the StylusXql command. All parameters are required.

-in <source>
The path of the XML document to be used to set the current context for the XQuery.
-out <output file>
File to which you want the XQuery result to be written. The default is stdout.
-param name=value
The name-expression pair of a variable in the XQuery specified in the XQuery file parameter.
Indents the XQuery result.
-debug host[:port]
Debugs the query using the debug server specified by the host and, optionally, port parameters.
XQuery file
The path of the XQuery you want to execute against the file specified in the -in <source> parameter.
Table 10. StylusXql Command Line Parameters

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