Applying a Stylesheet from the Command Line

You use the StylusXslt utility to apply a stylesheet from the command line. The StylusXslt utility uses the XSLT and XPath processors specified in Stylus Studio.

One way you might want to use the StylusXslt command-line utility is to chain stylesheets. That is, you can create a batch file in which Stylus Studio consecutively applies multiple stylesheets to the same XML source document. Stylus Studio creates temporary files to specify the result of one transformation as the source for the next transformation.

The StylusXslt utility takes the following format:

StylusXslt [-out <output file>] [-param name=value] [-fop] [-print] -in <input XML file> <XSLT stylesheet>

Table 9 describes the parameters for the StylusXql command.

[-out <output file>]
File to which the XSLT result will be written. The default is stdout.
[-param name=value]
The name-value pair of a parameter in the stylesheet specified in the stylesheet parameter.
Invokes the Apache Formatting Objects Processor (FOP) to post-process the XSLT result.
Sends the result of the transformation to the default printer.
[-in <input file> ]
The path of the XML document to which you want to apply the stylesheet specified in the XSLT stylesheet parameter.
<XSLT stylesheet>
The path of the XSLT you want to apply to the document specified in the
-in parameter.
Table 9. StylusXslt Command Line Parameters

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