Invoking Stylus Studio from the Command Line

You use the Struzzo utility to invoke Stylus Studio from the command line and open a particular file. Stylus Studio recognizes the file extension and opens the file in the editor associated with that file type. If Stylus Studio is already running, the same instance is used to open the file specified in the file parameter.

You can optionally use the stylesheet or XQuery parameter to create a scenario with the stylesheet or XQuery you specify.

The Struzzo utility takes the following format:

Struzzo file [stylesheet or XQuery ]

Table 8 describes the parameters for the Struzzo command.

The path of the document you want to open in Stylus Studio. This document is used as the source document in a scenario when you provide the stylesheet or XQuery parameter.
[stylesheet or XQuery]
The path of the stylesheet or XQuery you want to use to create a scenario.
Table 8. Struzzo Command Line Parameters

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