How to Define a Keyboard Shortcut

To define a keyboard shortcut for a Stylus Studio task:
1. From the Stylus Studio menu bar, select Tools > Keyboard.

The Shortcut Keys dialog box appears.

Figure 114. Defining Shortcut Keys

2. In the Select a macro: field, select the macro for which you want to define a shortcut.



When you select a macro, Stylus Studio displays a description of what that macro does.

3. Click Create Shortcut.

The Assign Shortcut dialog box appears.

Figure 115. Assigning a Shortcut Key

4. Press the key or keys that you want to be the shortcut. For example, Ctrl+E, F7, Alt+P.

The Assign Shortcut dialog box displays a message indicating whether or not that key combination is currently in use.

5. If the shortcut key is not already in use, click the OK button. Otherwise, try another shortcut key.

Stylus Studio closes the Assign Shortcut dialog box.

6. Click OK in the Shortcut Keys dialog box.
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