Displaying the Project Window

When you open Stylus Studio for the first time, Stylus Studio displays the Project window with the examples project. (The File Explorer window is displayed on the right.)

Figure 97. Project Window with Default Project DIsplayed

There are several ways to toggle the display of the Project window. You might want to close the Project window in order to gain more space in the editor you are working with, for example.

To toggle the Project window display:
  • From the Stylus Studio menu, select View > Project Window.
  • In the Stylus Studio tool bar, click Toggle Project Window .



The Project window is dockable - you can move it anywhere on your desktop.

To hide the Project window:

Click the X in the upper right corner of the Project window.



When you hide the Project window, any open files remain open.

Displaying Path Names

You can control whether the Project window displays absolute or relative path names for files in projects. The default display is relative names.

To toggle the way path names appear:
1. Display the Project window.
2. In the Project window, right-click to display the pop-up menu.
3. Click Show Full URL Info.

Other Documents

Stylus Studio displays documents that are not associated with a project in the Other Documents folder, which appears after the last folder or document in the currently displayed project. In addition, when you remove a file from a project, it is placed in the Other Documents folder.

Figure 98. Other Documents Folder

You can add these documents to a project at any time. See Adding Files to Projects.

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