Types of Files Recognized by Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio recognizes over ten types of files by default. Each file is associated with a Stylus Studio module, or editor, appropriate for its type, as shown in the following table.

File Name Extension
Stylus Studio Module
Convert to XML Editor
. dff
XML Diff Viewer
DTD Schema Editor
Java Debugger
Project framework
. rdbxml
DB-to-XML Data Source Editor
.wscc, .wsc
Web Service Call Composer
XML Editor
XQuery Editor
XML Schema Editor
.xsl, .xslt
XSLT Stylesheet Editor
Table 2. File Extensions and Associated Modules

You can add your own file types to this list, specify the module you want them opened in, and, optionally, specify Stylus Studio as the default application for viewing and editing files of that type. See Adding File Types to Stylus Studio.

Opening Unknown File Types

When you try to open a file of a type that is not recognized by Stylus Studio, Stylus Studio displays the Choose Module for dialog box, which allows you to specify the module or editor you want to use to open the file.

Figure 91. Choose Module Dialog Box

When you respond to this dialog box, you can optionally indicate whether you want all files of that type to be associated with the Stylus Studio module you select in the future. File types you associate with a Stylus Studio module are added to the File Types page of the Options dialog box. You can remove or change the module association at any time. See Adding File Types to Stylus Studio for more information.

Opening Files Stored on Third-Party File Systems

Stylus Studio provides access XML documents stored on third-party file systems like Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML and Raining Data ® TigerLogic ® XML Data Management Server (TigerLogic XDMS).

See Chapter 15Integrating with Third-Party File Systems for more information.

Modifications to Open Files

If a file that is open in Stylus Studio is modified (changed, and saved) outside Stylus Studio, Stylus Studio alerts you that the file has been changed and gives you the chance to reload it.

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