Ending Processing During a Debug Session

To end processing during a debug session:
1. In the Preview window, click any line of text.

In the XSLT Source tab, Stylus Studio displays the blue back-mapping triangle that indicates the line in the stylesheet that generated the output line you clicked.

2. In the lower right corner of the XSLT editor, click the Cancel button to end processing.

Figure 60. Cancelling Processing During Debugging

Stylus Studio displays a notification message that indicates that processing has been stopped and, optionally, allows you to jump to the location where processing ended.

Figure 61. You Can Jump to Where XSLT Processing Ended

3. Click Yes to jump to the location where processing ended.

The cursor appears on line 146 of the XSLT Source tab, which contains

<xsl:apply-templates select="director"/>.
4. In the XSLT editor tool bar, click Open XML from Scenario .

Stylus Studio displays the XML source document that the stylesheet operates on. As you can see, the first result element is the document element.

Figure 62. Viewing the XML Source for an XSLT Transformation

For more information

This section demonstrated some of the major features of Stylus Studio's debug tools, including specialized windows for presenting call stack and variable information. For complete information on using the XSLT debugger, see Chapter 6Debugging Stylesheets.

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