Stylesheets That Generate HTML - Getting Started


The XSLT Editor WYSIWYG tab is available only in Stylus Studio XML Entperprise Suite and Stylus Studio XML Professional Suite.

You can use the WYSIWYG tab of the XSLT Editor to create stylesheets that generate HTML. Stylus Studio automatically generates the XSLT instructions that output the HTML you define on the WYSIWYG tab.

This section helps you get started working with stylesheets that generate HTML. To get started with the features common to all stylesheets, see Working with Stylesheets - Getting Started. To focus on stylesheets that map XML to XML, see Using the XSLT Mapper - Getting Started.

This section is organized as follows:

Before you begin

To get started, you'll need to start Stylus Studio if you haven't already. See Starting Stylus Studio.

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