Defining Groups of Elements in XML Schemas - Tree View

To define a group of elements:
1. Define the elements that you want to be in the group. See Defining Elements and Attributes in XML Schemas.
2. Click the Schema node.
3. In the left tool bar, click New Group . In the Tree view, Stylus Studio displays a field for the new group.
4. Type a name for the group of elements and press Enter.
5. In the left tool bar, click New Model Group . Stylus Studio displays a pop-up menu that lists the model group modifiers. See Model Group Properties in XML Schemas.
6. Double-click a modifier that applies to at least one element that will be in the group.
7. In the Properties window, double-click the fields for the Min Occur. and Max Occur. properties to specify their values. These properties determine how often the subgroup of the elements with the selected modifier can appear.
8. For each element that you want to apply the selected modifier to, perform these steps:
a. Click New Reference to Element . Stylus Studio displays a pop-up menu that lists the elements defined in the schema.
b. Double-click the element you want to add to the group.
c. Click the modifier to add another element reference.
9. To add more elements to the group and specify a different modifier for them, click the name of the group in the Tree view, and repeat step 5 through step 8.

In any location where you can add a model group, you can also add a reference to a model group definition.

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