You can print XML Schema from the Diagram tab, and you can print XML Schema documentation from the Documentation tab.

Printing XML Schema

Stylus Studio allows you to print either the graphics in the diagram pane, or the raw XML in the text pane. If one pane is collapsed, Stylus Studio prints the visible pane. If both panes are visible, Stylus Studio prints the pane that currently has focus.



Select File > Print Preview to verify the output before you print.

To print XML Schema from the Diagram tab:
1. Select the pane of the Diagram tab you want to print.
2. Click Print .

Alternative: Select File > Print from the Stylus Studio menu.

Printing XML Schema Documentation

To print XML Schema documentation, click the Print tool (or Ctrl + P) on the Documentation tab. Stylus Studio prints the XML Schema documentation using the XS3P format. See Generating Documentation for XML Schema for more information.

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