Viewing an XML Instance

You can view an instance of the XML represented by a node in the XML Schema Diagram tab. You can also optionally create an XML document based on that instance. For example, here is an instance of the XML represented by the purchaseOrder element in purchaseOrder.xsd.

Figure 270. Sample of XML Based on XML Schema

If you want, you can create a new XML document based on this instance by clicking the Open as New Document button.



If the XML Schema contains an element defined using a built-in type, the instance of that element in the XML document is created using the minimum value of the range specified for that type. For example, if the XML Schema contains a <part> element defined as type="xs:integer", the <part> element in the resulting XML document appears as <part>-9223372036854775808</part>.

To view an XML instance:
1. In the Diagram tab, select the node for which you want to see sample XML.
2. Select Diagram > View XML Sample from the Stylus Studio menu.

Alternative: Select View XML Sample from the node's shortcut menu (right-click to display).

The View Sample XML dialog box appears. (See Figure 270.)

3. If you want to open this instance as a new XML document in Stylus Studio, click the Open as a New Document button. Otherwise, click Close Preview.
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