Understanding SELECT and UPDATE

As described previously, you define SQL/XML SELECT statements on the SELECT tab; you define INSERT and UPDATE statements on the UPDATE tab. The DB-to-XML data source simply presents the SQL/XML to the database. The database executes the SQL/XML to the best of its ability, based on the statements you have defined and the permissions of the user associated with the DB-to-XML data source. If the user has read-only permissions, for example, any INSERT or UPDATE statement will fail.



The Output Window can help you troubleshoot database problems. To display the Output Window, click the Output Window button ( )

When Statements are Executed

Statements on the SELECT tab are executed when you click the Execute Query button ( ). Statements on the UPDATE tab, on the other hand, are executed only when an XML version of the DB-to-XML data source document is saved. (The Execute Query button is disabled when the UPDATE tab is active.)

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