Using DataDirect SequeLink as a DB-to-XML Data Source

Once you have configured DataDirect SequeLink to reference an ODBC system data source, you can use DataDirect SequeLink to create a DB-to-XML data source in Stylus Studio. The basic procedure is described here. For more information about how to create a DB-to-XML data source in Stylus Studio, see Creating a DB-to-XML Data Source.

To use DataDirect SequeLink as a DB-to-XML data source:
1. Start Stylus Studio if it is not already running.
2. Click File > New > DB to XML Data Source.

The Scenario Properties dialog box appears.

3. Select DataDirect SequeLink from the Database Type drop-down list.

Figure 385. Scenario Properties Dialog Box Showing DataDirect SequeLink

Stylus Studio provides a default value for the Server URL field.

4. In the Username and Password fields, use the same values you used to connect to the DataDirect SequeLink service ( step 4 in the procedure described in Configuring DataDirect SequeLink to Reference an ODBC System Data Source.
5. Click OK.

Stylus Studio connects to the ODBC system data source associated with the username and password you entered in step 4 and displays its tables and views, as shown in the following illustration.

Figure 386. ODBC System Data Sources Tables and Views

6. Compose the SQL/XML you want to associate with this DB-to-XML data source as desribed in Composing SQL/XML in Stylus Studio.
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