Configuring DataDirect SequeLink to Reference an ODBC System Data Source

Use the procedure described in this section to configure DataDirect SequeLink to reference an ODBC system data source.

To configure DataDirect SequeLink:
1. Start the DataDirect SequeLink 5.4 Manager. For example, Start > Programs > DataDirect SequeLink 5.4 Service for ODBC Socket > SequeLink 5.4 Manager Snapin.

The sladmin54 window appears.

Figure 380. DataDirect sladmin54 Window

2. Expand the SequeLink 5.4 Manager (localhost) branch. This exposes another branch, Not connected to SLAgent54.
3. Expand the Not connected to SLAgent54 branch.

The Logon to SequeLink Service dialog box appears.

Figure 381. DataDirect Logon to SequeLine Service Dialog Box

4. Enter a user ID and password and click OK to connect to the SequeLink Service you created when you installed the DataDirect SequeLink SocketServer. (This will be the user ID and password for the machine on which you installed the DataDirect SequeLink SocketServer.)

Figure 382. DataDirect sladmin Window - After Connecting

After connecting to the SequeLink Service, the information in the sladmin window changes.

5. Once you are connected, expand the SLSocket54 [active] branch as follows: Configuration > Data Source Settings > Default > Advanced. When you are done, your sladmin window should look like this:

Figure 383. DataDirect sladmin Window - Advanced Settings

6. Double-click DataSourceSOCODBCConnStr.

The DataSourceSOCODBCConnStr dialog box appears.

Figure 384. DataDirect Connection String Dialog Box

7. In the Value field, enter the following: DSN=data source name, where data source name is the name of the data source you created in step 6 of the procedure described in Creating an ODBC System Data Source.
8. Click OK, and close the sladmin window.

Now that you have created and configured the ODBC system data source, you can use it to create a DB-to-XML data source in Stylus Studio as described in Using DataDirect SequeLink as a DB-to-XML Data Source.

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