Creating an ODBC System Data Source

You can use the procedure described in this section to create an ODBC system data source if one does not already exist for the database you wish to use as a Stylus Studio DB-to-XML data source.



The example procedure described in this section uses Microsoft Access as the ODBC database on which the data source is defined. Some setup information will vary based on the database type.

To create an ODBC system data source:
1. Select Start > Settings > Control Panel from the Windows menu.

The Control Panel window appears.

Figure 373. Windows Control Panel Window

2. Double-click Administrative Tools on the Control Panel window.

The Administrative Tools window appears.

Figure 374. Windows Administrative Tools Window

3. Double-click Data Sources (ODBC) on the Administrative Tools window.

The ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog boxappears.

Figure 375. Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator Dialog Box

4. Click the System DSN tab and then click the Add button.

Figure 376. System DSN Tab in ODBC Data Source Administrator Window

The Create New Data Source dialog box appears.

Figure 377. Windows Create New Data Source Dialog Box

5. Scroll down the list until you find the driver associated with the database for which you want to create a data source, and then click Finish.

The ODBC Setup dialog box appears.

Figure 378. Windows ODBC Setup Dialog Box

Note that the information in the ODBC Setup dialog box, including the dialog box title, varies based on the database driver you selected in step 5. There, we selected a Microsoft Access database driver, so the information displayed in the ODBC Setup dialog box is specific to that database.

6. Enter a name in the Data Source Name field, then click the Select button in the Database group box.

The Select Database dialog box appears.

Figure 379. Windows Select Database Dialog Box

7. Navigate until you locate the database you want to use as the data source and then click OK.

You are returned to the ODBC Setup dialog box.

8. Click OK on the ODBC Setup dialog box.

The ODBC system data source is created.

9. Configure the data source in DataDirect SequeLink Server Manager as described in the following section, Configuring DataDirect SequeLink to Reference an ODBC System Data Source.
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