Creating a Default Database Connection

To connect to a database when defining a relational data source, you can

  • Specify connection settings individually, for each data source you create
  • Create a default connection setting, which you can then reuse for any data source you create

Default database connections use the same settings as other database connections you create in Stylus Studio.

To create a default database connection:
1. Select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu.

The Options dialog box appears.

2. Select Module Settings > DB-to-XML > Default Connection.

The Default Database Connection page appears.

3. Select the database type, server URL, and username and password for the database to which you want to connect.
4. Click the Connect button.

The list box on the Default Connection page displays the databases associated with the database server to which you connect.

5. Select the database to you want this connection to access.
6. Click OK.

The default connection is now available to use when creating a new DB-to-XML data source.

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