Opening a DB-to-XML Data Source

You can open a DB-to-XML data source

  • As a DB-to-XML data source, that is, in the DB-to-XML data source editor. This gives you the opportunity to change the data source's definition, including its connectivity settings and SQL/XML statements, for example.
  • As XML, using any Stylus Studio editor that accepts XML (such as the XML editor, for example). When you open a DB-to-XML data source as XM L, Stylus Studio displays only the XML that resulted from executing the SQL/XML defined on the SELECT tab of the DB-to-XML data source.
To open a DB-to-XML data source:
1. Select File > Open from the menu bar.

Stylus Studio displays the Open dialog box.

2. Select the data source you want to open.
3. If you want to open the data source in the DB-to-XML Data Source Editor, click Open.

If you want to open the data source as an XML document:

a. Click the down arrow on the Open button.
b. Select the editor from the drop-down list.

Stylus Studio opens the data source as an XML document in the editor you selected.



When you save a DB-to-XML data source that you have opened as XML, any SQL/XML statements you have defined on the UPDATE tab are executed.

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