How Data Sources are Represented in XML Publisher

When you add a data source to the data sources panel, Stylus Studio displays the schema representation, or the data model, for that source. The following illustration shows how the videos.xml document from the VideoCenter folder in the examples project appears after it has been added as a data source:

Figure 441. XML Document in the Data Sources Panel

Working with Namespaces

If the document you have selected as a source uses a namespace prefix, Stylus Studio displays the prefix and the URI at the bottom of the data sources panel, as shown in Figure 442.

Figure 442. Namespace Prefix and URI

You can edit the value in the Namespace field, which can simplify the process of typing XPath expressions you might use when defining a property. For example, you could change books to simply b to shorten and simplify XPath expressions. See Example: Using Context and XPath Sub-Properties to Format Text to learn more about using XPath expressions when building XML Publisher reports.

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