The XML Publisher Canvas

When you create an XML Publisher report, Stylus Studio starts the XML Publisher and displays a new report ( The canvas representing the report is empty, as shown here.

Figure 440. Empty Canvas in a New XML Publisher Report

The canvas represents the report's body, and all of the work you do when building a report - inserting XML data, tables, text and text blocks, and conditional expressions - takes place within the context of the body.

A useful way to think of the body is as the <body> tag in an HTML document - everything that you do on the report canvas would be described between the <body> and </body> tags in an HTML document. This metaphor is represented by the Body glyph ( ) in the canvas navigation bar at the top of the canvas - everything you subsequently add to the report canvas will be represented as a child of the report's body.

See How Data is Represented on the Canvas and More About the Navigation Bar for more information.

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