How to Add Data to a Report

There are essentially two ways to add data to a report:

  • Automatically. You can drag a node from the data sources panel and drop it on the canvas. When you do, Stylus Studio displays a short-cut menu that displays the types of components you can create based on the node you have selected. For example, if you select a repeating element, you can create components that loop - tables and lists, for example.
  • Manually. You can add an empty component to the report using the main menu ( Report > Insert List, for example) or the canvas short-cut menu (right-click on the canvas), and then populate the component by dragging and dropping nodes from the data sources panel. Alternatively, you can specify Context and XPath properties in the Properties window for the component you want to populate.

The benefit of using the automatic method is that Stylus Studio determines the context and XPath settings required to return the data you have selected. In addition, when you drop the node on the canvas, Stylus Studio displays on the short-cut menu only those choices that are applicable to the node you selected from the data sources panel.

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