Running the Debugger

To run the debugger, click the Start Debugging button ( ) or click F5:

When the debugger hits a breakpoint you have set, it displays a pause symbol, like the one shown in Figure 433.

Figure 433. Pause Symbol for a Debugging Breakpoint

When debugging is paused, debugging tools (like those that let you step into and over breakpoints, and toggles for the Watch, Variables, and Call Stack windows) become active. You cannot edit the XML pipeline or alter its scenario properties during debugging, or when the debugger is paused.

Figure 434. Debugging an XQuery Node in order.pipeline

Figure 434 shows a breakpoint set on the createFullOrder.xquery node in order.pipeline. The Preview window shows the XML pipeline's execution log, and we can see in it that the two ConvertToXML nodes have just been processed; this is confirmed by the presence of the pause symbol on the following XQuery node - it has not yet been processed. The Variables window shows the data retrieved from booksXML.txt.

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