Stylus Studio and the JVM

Stylus Studio allows you to debug a running application. You can attach Stylus Studio to a local or remote JVM, and run your application in debug mode. In the Stylus Studio tool bar, click Attach to debug a standalone Java program that is running an external JVM. ( Attach is not for debugging Java extensions.)

To execute a class, open the Java source in Stylus Studio and press F5. Of course, the class must be in your CLASSPATH environment variable or in the Stylus Studio ClassPath (select Tools > Options > Java Virtual Machine).

To verify the JVM that Stylus Studio is trying to load:
1. Select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu bar.
2. In the Options dialog box that appears, click General > Java Virtual Machine.

The Home Directory field indicates the version of the JVM.

When you suspend processing, display the Output Window to view any output from the Java virtual machine. To display the Output Window, click Output Window in the Stylus Studio tool bar.

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