Displaying XSLT Instructions for Particular Output

After you apply a stylesheet, or during debugging of a stylesheet, Stylus Studio can display the XSLT instruction or the sequence of XSLT instructions that generate a particular part of a result document. This can be particularly helpful when the result is not quite what you want.

To view XSLT instructions:
1. Open a stylesheet.
2. Apply the stylesheet.
3. In the Preview window, in either the text view or the browser view, click on the output for which you want to display the XSLT calls.

Stylus Studio displays the Backmap Stack window, which lists one or more XSLT instructions. Also, Stylus Studio flags the line in the stylesheet that contains the first instruction in the list. To find the location of another listed instruction, click that instruction in the Backmap Stack window.

The Call Stack window and the Backmap Stack window provide the same kind of information. However, the Backmap Stack window never shows Java entries, and the contents of the Backmap Stack window can be different from the Call Stack window according to where you click in the output to enable backmapping.

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