Displaying a List of Process Suspension Points

Display the Call Stack window to view a list of the locations at which processing was suspended. To display the Call Stack window, click Call Stack in the Stylus Studio tool bar. This button is active when Stylus Studio suspends processing because it reached a breakpoint. Stylus Studio displays the Call Stack window only when processing is suspended.

For stylesheets, Stylus Studio displays the template name and line number. For Java classes, Stylus Studio displays the class name, function name, parameters, and line number.

When processing is complete, the call stack is empty.

When execution is suspended you can use the Call Stack window to jump directly to the XSLT or Java source. Double-click on a stack line to go to that location. A green triangle appears to indicate this location in the source file.

The Call Stack window and the Backmap Stack window provide the same kind of information. However, the Backmap Stack window never shows Java entries, and the contents of the Backmap Stack window can be different from the Call Stack window according to where you click in the output to enable backmapping.

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