Options - Module Settings - Java - Debugger

You use this page of the Options dialog box to modify settings that determine how Stylus Studio debugs your Java files.

To display the Debugger page of the Options dialog box, select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu, then select Module Settings > Java > Debugger.


Source Path

Location for the source files you want to debug.

Prompt user for source file path confirmation

If Stylus Studio cannot find the source files, indicate if you want to be prompted to specify the source file location.

Never step into classes starting with one of the following strings of characters

List of classes, one on each line, that you do not want to step into.

JVM communication time out

Number of seconds Stylus Studio waits for a response from the JVM. The default is 5.

Show JDWP Events in the Output Window

Displays communication events in the Stylus Studio Output Window.

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