Options - General - File Types

You use the File Types page of the Options dialog box to

  • Change the setting that makes Stylus Studio the default editor for Stylus Studio file types ( .xml, .conv, .prj, and so on) opened outside of Stylus Studio (as from a file browser like Windows Explorer, for example)
  • Associate new file types with Stylus Studio and, optionally, make Stylus Studio the default editor

To display the Options dialog box, select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu bar.



Click the Add button to make the Type field editable. You can also double-click the Type field to make it editable.


Click the Delete button to delete a file type from the File Type page.



The extension of the type of file associated with Stylus Studio.


The Stylus Studio module or editor associated with the file in the Type field. Clicking the Module field displays a list of the modules you can associate with a file.

Open with Stylus Studio

Whether or not you want files of the type represented by the Type field to be opened in Stylus Studio when opened from a file browser like Windows Explorer. Values are True and False.

For More Information

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