Options - General - Editor General

Specify the editor for which you want to set options. Options take effect as soon as you click OK.

To display the Options dialog box, select Tools > Options from the Stylus Studio menu bar.



Click the down arrow to determine whether you are specifying options for the Java, XML, or XSLT editor.

Newline format

Allows you to choose the newline format for documents you open in Stylus Studio:

  • Preserve Original (the default)
  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • MacIntosh

Show line numbers

Displays line numbers at the beginning of every line in the editor display.

Word delimiters

Characters you want the Stylus Studio editor to recognize as word delimters.

Enable spell checking

Whether or not you want the Spell Checker enabled for this editor. This option is off by default. The Spell Checker can be run manually from the menu ( Tools > Check Spelling), regardless of how the Enable spell checking option is set.

Indenter Settings

Preserve trailing/leading whitespace

When checked, this indicates that Stylus Studio preserves (does not trim) white space that is at the beginning or end of a text node.

Preserve newlines between elements

When checked, this indicates that Stylus Studio preserves (does not remove) new line characters that are in white space.

Wrap attributes if they exceed column

Instructs Stylus Studio to display the attribute on a new line if it starts after the specified column. The default column is 256.

Tab Settings

Keep Tabs

Whether you want to keep the tabs in a document or replace tabs with the number of spaces indicatedin the Tab Size field.

Insert Spaces

Whether you want to use spaces instead of tabs. (The number of spaces is specified using the Tab Size field.)

Tab Size

Indicates the number of spaces in a tab.


Sense:X enabled

Click the check box to determine whether Sense:X completion is enabled. If this is not checked, Stylus Studio does not display pop-up menus that list the possible elements or attributes that you can create at particular locations.

Automatically insert attribute value

Click the check box to determine whether Stylus Studio automatically inserts attribute values. Stylus Studio uses this setting when you choose an attribute from the Sense:X list. When this is checked, Stylus Studio inserts attribute_name=". When this is not checked, Stylus Studio inserts attribute_name.

Auto-close open tag when typing '</'

As soon as you type </, Stylus Studio completes the tag with the nearest previous open tag name.

Add closing tag when creating new tag

As soon as you type a new tag, Stylus Studio inserts its closing tag. For example, if you type <newtag>, Stylus Studio immediately inserts </newtag>.

Dropdown Delay

Specify how long Stylus Studio waits before it displays drop-down lists.

Do not add "Created with Stylus Studio" comment at the end of a document

Check this box if you want the comment at the end of documents created with the selected editor.

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