Named/Matched Template

Use the Named Template or the Matched Template dialog box to create a new named or matched template in an XSLT stylesheet. In addition to specifying the template's name and mode, you can also define template parameters and their default values.



The template name.


The template mode. You can use a mode to define the conditions under which a template will be applied by a stylesheet.

Parameter List

A list box that displays the parameters, and their default values, associated with this template.

How to Create a Parameter

To create a parameter
1. Click the Add button.

The Name column becomes editable.

2. Type a parameter name and press Enter.

The Default Value field becomes editable.

3. Type a default value.
4. If you want to define another parameter, click ADD; otherwise, click OK to finish creating the template.

For More Information

Chapter 5Creating XSLT Using the XSLT Mapper

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