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Convert to XML is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

You use the Lookup List dialog box to enter name:value pairs. When files are converted to XML, Stylus Studio uses the information in the lookup list to translate a name (or code) to a corresponding value. For example, you might have a lookup list that contains state abbreviations and their full names, or error codes and the corresponding descriptions. You can enter lookup list values manually, or by copy/pasting tab- and comma-separated text files into the Lookup Value table in the Lookup List dialog box.



The code used to look up the corresponding value.


The value associated with the corresponding lookup.



Commits the lookup list to the adapter.


Closes the Lookup List dialog box without committing any changes.


Copies the lookup list.


Pastes comma- and tab-separated text into the lookup list. Replaces existing content, regardless of which row you have selected.


Adds comma- and tab-separated text to the end of the lookup list. Existing lookup list content is preserved.


Adds a new row to the lookup list.


Removes the selected row from the lookup list.

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